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Mentat-IT is founded in 2017 by Frank Salliau, an independent data scientist & machine learning expert with 20 years of experience in IT consultancy & development.


Frank is skilled in both R and Python, the most important programming languages used in machine learning.
He is also familiar with deep learning technologies such as Tensorflow.


  • Machine Learning, Coursera
  • Hadoop Platform and Application Framework, Coursera
  • Introduction to R, DataCamp
  • Intermediate R, DataCamp
  • Importing Data Into R, DataCamp
  • Cleaning Data in R, DataCamp
  • Data Manipulation in R with dplyr, DataCamp
  • Intro to Statistics with R: Introduction, DataCamp
  • Intro to Python for Data Science, DataCamp
  • Intermediate Python for Data Science, DataCamp
  • Text Mining: Bag of Words, DataCamp
  • Shaping the Data Driven Company, iMinds